Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Course

“4 Phases to Approach Zero Equipment Stoppages” Interactive Teaching Seminar

Course dates: October 18 & 19 - 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Held in conjunction with AICC/TAPPI 2016 SuperCorrExpo 2016 Orange County Convention Center Orlando, FL


Did you know?

Current equipment condition in the U.S. leads to:

  • Equipment productivity <50%
  • Dollars spent on wasted maintenance related practices >$180 Billion


Learn how to avoid this at your facility by:

  • Measuring your equipment productivity and improving it by sustainable amounts!
  • “Seeing” the invisible minor defects that cause downtime and quality issues.


Zero Equipment Stoppages can be approached in 4 phases.


During this interactive session (Hands-on at the equipment) we will:

  • The crucial partnership between Operations and Maintenance
  • How to develop Operator “ownership” of equipment

o   Examples of Daily Operator PM’s

  • Identify the six major equipment related losses and how to minimize them, by working with an OEE case study
  • Identify and eliminate the two main causes for 80% of equipment breakdowns
  • Discuss improvements to the Preventive Maintenance on your equipment
  • Demonstration of the latest “state of the art” predictive maintenance tools

o   Infrared Thermography

o   Ultrasound – Ultra Probe 3000




John Kravontka CMRP - Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional, CMRT – Certified Maintenance & Reliability Technician and President of Manufacturing Solutions LLC, is a training specialist, Maintenance professional, and Continuous Improvement consultant. John has more than 37 years of training, troubleshooting and rebuild/retrofit experience, with all types of machine tools and equipment. Mr. Kravontka uses many lean manufacturing methodologies to help his clients increase their equipment productivity and reliability. His strength has been to transfer that knowledge and experience, providing immediate and sustainable results for his clients.    

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