August 8 - 12, 2021 | Orlando, FL

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SCE 2020 Virtual What’s New Schedule by Day

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020




Baumer hhs

Solutions for Flexo Folder Gluers FFG go – Keeping Gluing Simple


Baumer hhs introduces it's value-added, non-contact system designed to save time and money by reducing gluing defects and glue consumption. Dubbed “FFG go,” it features Baumer hhs’ exclusive “triple-bead” application technology, automatic glue pressure regulation and password protection providing the user with safe, reliable and accurate corrugate gluing.



ACEMATCHER® The Most Efficient Multi-piece Feeder

In addition to standard packaging such as RSC, crash lock or 4 corner trays, BAHMUELLER was involved in multi-piece packaging with the TOPMATCHER multi-piece feeder at an early stage. After more than 10 years of experience of retail and shelf ready packaging with the TOPMATCHER, a revolution was initiated with the development of the ACEMATCHER multi-piece feeder in 2019.

BW Papersystems

BW Papersystems Digital Partnership

BW Papersystems is joining with an industry partner to bring a solution enabling corrugated packaging providers to deliver digital capabilities with lower cost per MSF. This new partnership provides a rotary die cutter matched with digital print--ideal for displays, personalization, e-com, and the shortest runs with the lowest converting costs.

Corrugated Gear and Services, Inc.


EMAPS - Easy Manual Adjust Photoeye Setups


We are now offering a simple, less expensive glue setup system called EMAPS, eliminating the need for the PLC/Advanced Controls: • Application of glue is controlled by adjustable photo eye sensors • Easy operator setup moving photo eyes where you want them • Photo Eyes can “learn” different box types and coatings • A more affordable alternative for when all the “bells and whistles” aren’t needed.

Thursday, September 17, 2020


The New MRV I/O by CUIR

We are pleased to introduce you our new solution to print and die-cut in-line. But not exactly as usual, the MRV I/O allows you to print Inside and Outside the box! From two to seven printing units in line with a flat-bed die-cutter.

EAM-Mosca Corp.

Squaring Bundlers for Shingled Stream Production Behind Specialty Folder Gluers

S-ATRS-6, redesigned and now featuring proprietary SoniXs® sealing technology, remains the industry standard for boxes strapped when utilizing a shingled stream specialty folder gluer. UCB is an alternative for complex bundle geometries or esthetically sensitive products. The CE compliant machine can be integrated into fully automated and operated assisted applications.

Freeman Manufacturing & Supply

New ReBound Ejection Rubber

Snnounces the launch of a superior

ejection material, ReBound™. ReBound SuperJect™ offers corrugated converters a superior ejector with over 50% higher resilience than Monroe rubber. This die ejection has stripped difficult cut-outs 100%, where other ejectors could not. Go to  to see the video

ISRA Vision

100% Inline Print Inspection for Corrugated Packaging

Introduces a new 100% inline inspection system for corrugated packaging: CartonSTAR. The Vision system increases profitability and quality by providing the earliest detection of systematic printing defects. CartonSTAR reliably distinguishes common defects like color variation, mis-registration, ink spots and missing text from inhomogeneous structures within the printed image.

Lamina System AB


Lamina System AB, located in Borås, Sweden, is a world leading supplier of sheet-to-sheet laminating/mounting and gluing/folder gluer machines with a worldwide reputation for its innovative approach to all of its product range for producing compact and operator friendly machines.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020


New Features for EFI Nozomi C18000 Single-pass Inkjet Printer

EFI Nozomi C18000 package of new features available to upgrade current single-pass inkjet printer. The features come from improvements in transportation system, electronics and software upgrade. As a result, this updated version provides improved image quality, wrap control, uptime maximizer, increased software performance and applications for remote control and cloud monitoring of the printer.

Domino North America

Domino X630i - The New Business Model for Corrugated Box Printing

This session introduces you to Domino, and takes a closer look at the NEW Domino X630i digital corrugated press launched in June 2020. We will discuss how this press can facilitate new streams of business and provide a more complete range of capability for your company using the Domino AQ95 aqueous ink set, which is environmentally friendly and Swiss Ordinance & Nestle compliant.

Fujifilm – Graphic Systems Division

The Ultra-Productive OnsetX HS Printers from Fujifilm

The latest generation of OnsetX printers has been introduced to increase print speeds and reduce changeover times to increase throughput and get more work out the door. The presentation will cover the features and benefits of the OnsetX HS printers, as well as the data that drove us to make these product advancements.

Platinum Sponsor

HP PWI Corrugated

New Printhead Design for the HP PageWide C500 Press

Introduction of the 6-color HP PageWide T470S Press

HP PageWide developed a new printhead architecture for HP PageWide C500 Press customers, extending performance with ink savings per copy to deliver improved economics as well as enhanced print quality.

The new color printheads enable higher performance thanks to new hourglass-shaped nozzle architecture delivering image quality for HP PageWide C500 converters.

Koenig & Bauer Durst

Innovations and Trends for Shorter Print Runs and Fast Turnaround

Covers new functionality and applications for the Corrugated market.  Includes new inkjet product’s such SPC 130 press and the new CorruJET 170 press for high quality, high productivity converting. Also, new innovations from Koenig & Bauer with the new CorruCUT Flexo Press and the new functionality from Durst in water based multi pass digital printing solutions.


Thursday, October 1, 2020

BCM Inks USA, Inc.

DuaKure - Mother Nature's Answer to UV Coatings

 Introduced to the Market: Trialing Started – 6/19 First Sold – 2/20
Problem & Objective Water-based coatings are safer than UV coatings, but do not provide the same high gloss levels. Develop a water-based coating that rivals UV in terms of gloss. Method DuaKure is a water-based coating that simulates the curing process of UV coatings. The product cures with heat from IR dryers and will have enhanced gloss levels if UV lamps are used in the curing process. No special handling or waste disposal is required. Coating performs like a traditional water-based coating with an elevated gloss level.
Results: The gloss level for DuaKure was 40% higher compared to other water-based coatings.
Conclusion: DuaKure is a safe alternative to UV coatings with improved gloss levels when compared to other water-based coating in the market.

HB Fuller

Sustainable Beverage Packaging Solutions

As sustainable initiatives drive the market to replace plastic with paper, new challenges arise. Amber Fischer and Jackie Holden will present innovative adhesive solutions that support sustainability and recyclability. These solutions can enhance beverage packaging design while improving the consumer experience.

Henkel Corp

Improving Starch Performance in Corrugating

Corrugated boxes are one of the most popular and sustainable packaging options. To maintain their competitive edge, corrugators need to increase operational efficiency without reducing quality. Consistency in the starch formulation is critical to produce boxes which resist tearing, crushing and bursting. Henkel is launching our HALO® product portfolio to eliminate common challenges of dosing accuracy, slinging and clean up on the corrugating line, and increase overall line efficiency.
AQUENCE® HALO® is the latest replacement for dry borax or boric acid. The product family includes:
1. AQUENCE® HALO® 40080 – a full solution product
2. AQUENCE® HALO® 40085 – incorporates a rheology modifier to enhance the adhesive formulation and reduce consumption.
3. AQUENCE® HALO® 46871 – includes a suspension additive along with the rheology modifier for reduced consumption.
These products eliminate the guess work and give operators the confidence to increase line speeds without impacting quality due to adhesive stability.

Nextwire LLC

The Hybridmesh Double Backer Belt

 This year, Nextwire introduces the new Hybridmesh Double Backer belt to the U.S. corrugated market. This lightweight, highly permeable belt offers optimal strength due to its reinforced bronze and synthetic fibers. The Hybridmesh belt eliminates stretch, increases production speed, and reduces energy costs and glue consumption.


Flexo Plate Solutions for Every Print Environment

SGS a long standing provider of pre-press and image carriers has redesigned it's flexo plate offerings to better service the needs of all customers every print environment. All brands come with the SGS end to solution that make the plates second to none in terms of consistency, color and quality.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

C & M Conveyor

AIRSCREEN μicro - Filtering Filtering Breathing Air from Dust, Viruses, & Micro Particulates

Filters particulate concentrations using a self-adjusting motor to maintain a constant cfm level.
• Eliminates tobacco and weld smoke, dust, asbestos, viruses, oil mist, and particles of all sizes down to ultra-fines.
• Captures airborne sub-micron particles that impact human health and wellness to provide a healthier, more productive work environment and less absenteeism.
(A fortune 200 household brand manufacturing company study concluded that ½ of their absenteeism or 3 days/year are related to Indoor Air Quality)
Dust Filtration
• A perfect solution where source capture of dust is not practical or effective, such as converting equipment, baler or shredder.
• Keeps fine explosive dust particles from settling on surfaces.
• Saves energy costs and premature wear on plant heating and ventilation equipment.
Virus Filtration (Coronavirus/Covid-19)
• Options to filter the environment and screen viruses at levels equal to operating room requirements.
• Infectious droplets are filtered providing virus protection.
• Aligns to Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) guidance for Employers to address Covid-19 with “Improving the building ventilation systems”

Dücker Conveyors

Hybrid-Intermediate-Storage-Systems (HISS) for High Capacities and New Printing Technologies

Intralogistics solutions in corrugated board plants have shown several developments over the last years. More storage flexibility in small areas is one of the key factors of todays’ successful corrugated board manufacturers.With the increase in frequency of short runs at the corrugator and the quantity of small to mid-sized boards for applications such as digital-printing and pre-print, the need for more storage area and more overall throughput arises.
In order to meet our customers’ requirements, the Customised “Hybrid-Intermediate-Storage” Solutions system by Dücker and Westfalia brings together the well-approved various intermediate storage solutions by Dücker and the floor-free high-bay storage solutions by Westfalia.
In this concept the space of a conventional intermediate storage with transfer cars and conveyer belts on the ground is used by implementing an additional storage above this level. The two systems are connected by the Westfalia Aviator® and together it features:
• More storage area and higher performance through the combination of independently working transfer car and Aviator®
• Increased flexibility and storing capabilities for buildings with low ceiling height, through the usage of multi-deep storage on the upper levels
• Sorting of short, mid and long-term orders according to order

Hitek Equipment


The CleanFlex automatic print plate washing systems most recent upgrade is the Dual Brush Cleaning System which was introduced into on a machine installed in September 2019. The Dual Brush Cleaning System allows the CleanFLex to wash every surface of the print plate in one pass.


New Satellite System for High Speed Palletiser Performance

Full automatic palletizer ``Eleva'' with new Satellite System for high speed palletiser performance, Particularly suitable for ``chimney'' layer (4S1) able to rotate 4 bundles in one single shot.

Silver Sponsor


SIG-Series SIG-VCS Tandem System

The new SIG-VCS TANDEM integrates two automated squaring bundlers into one system to provide high-speed capabilities with minimum interruptions. Complete with the latest advancements, the SIG-VCS TANDEM standard features include bundle diversion technology, automated bundle stops, a dual coil system with automatic strap change, dual-zone conveyors, and the ability to automatically learn a new bundle size in seconds. 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Gold Sponsor

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc

EVOL New Generation Services

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America is proud to present our newest line of next-gen services. EVOL Computer Based Training is a series of online 3D training modules. EVOL Quality Care provides hands on training during regularly scheduled PM’s. EVOL Remote AR puts expert technical support in the palm of your hands.

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C&M Conveyor

Plant Wide Finished Units Protection and Load Tag Insertion

Our What’s New entry is a modular piece of equipment that will increase the productivity and through put of box plants while giving consistent dunnage for your product in your customers facilities. The standalone system is capable of applying load tags and integrates with all existing plant and OEM systems.

NCM / JS Machine

JS Machine - Unique New FFG Inline Stripper Module

JS Machine has released a unique new in line stripper module intended for use with their high speed JS Folder FFG. This comes as a result of the increase in die-cutting in-line on flexo folder gluers as well as a result of the increasing production speeds. Maximizing scrap ejection when die-cutting in line has been a concern for converters in the past, but with the addition of an in-line oscillating stripper, scrap is now ejected promptly and correctly.

Pace Punches, Inc.

Ink Tray Liner to Reduce Cost and Maintenance Down Time

The corrugated packaging industry is focused on optimizing and reducing maintenance downtime, labor intensive tasks, and the usage of water and contaminated waste disposal. Pace developed, in conjunction with our customers, a solution to address the unique requirements for the print section of a flexo/folder/gluer with a disposable ink tray liner that is recyclable, food grade, requires no tools and installs in minutes. 

Valco Melton

PrintChek for Die-Cutters and Flexo-Folder-Gluers

Monitor print and sheet quality being delivered from your Flexo-Folder-Gluers and Rotary Die-Cutters by installing PrintChek, the latest offering from Valco Melton’s Vision laboratory, ClearVision. Using cameras to image the entire width of every sheet produced on the machine, PrintChek is a new way of preventing defects from being shipped on any converting machine.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Zünd America, Inc.

Zünd Digital Cutting Innovations Creating Change in Corrugated Packaging

With new North American headquarters, Zünd’s latest offerings for corrugated packaging providers include the Press Cut Tool for true die-cut product representations in prototyping and the fully automated BHS150 Board-Handling System with skid-to-skid operation and QR-code job retrieval, ideal for 24/7 non-stop production of just-in-time inventory, e-commerce, and retail-ready jobs.

Baysek Machines

Digital Post Print

Baysek Machines, Inc. and Digital Print Inc., are joining forces to deliver an up and coming industry application “Digital Post Print” printer. Printers are built to apply one-spot color up to 4 color process printing, direct onto Corrugated and Industrial Boxes.


Robot Pre-feeder for Single-pass Digital Printing

SERRA’s robotic pre-feeder is an innovative design for single-pass digital printing enabling continuous feeding. It improves line productivity by avoiding pallet change-over times and reducing operator needs. It optionally flips the boards before feeding and enables many different layouts making it suitable for a large number of digital print customers.

Haeco Inc.

The Haeco Digital Trainer – InControl Flexo Folder Gluing

The Haeco Digital Trainer can save you thousands of dollars by providing step-by-step troubleshooting tips at your fingertips in minutes to reduce downtime and avoid costly expenses of scheduling a technician. It includes operational instructions to train new employees and maintenance instructions to keep your Haeco system running smoothly.

Erhardt+Leimer Inc.

Modular Workflow Solutions for Digital (Pre) Print Corrugators

Digitally produced print has a number of advantages compared to traditional printing processes. Converting processes occurring further downstream in the production process are currently not prepared for the quick order change and additional automated process control systems. This task is handled by the E+L DigiPrintWorkflow SmartLine, which recognizes order changes, blank areas and waste sections reliably and controls downstream processes.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Isowa America

Isowa CF60 Singlefacer - Fully Automatic Corrugator Roll Change

The Isowa CF60 Singlefacer:
• Fully automatic one touch push button flute change including all steam connections.
• Improved changeover time of 5 minutes for flute changes.
• Corrugating rolls integrated - No carts.
• Improved safety. No gloves, face shields, cart pushing needed.
• Integrated preheaters for smaller footprint.

JKSP Services Ltd

AirBond Double Backer Upgrade - Increased Speed - Improved Quality

Find out how the JKSP AirBond system can upgrade your Double Backer to enable increased Corrugator running speeds, improved & consistent quality enabling reductions in waste, energy and starch consumption. Installed over a single weekend with a fast return on investment.

Ingredion Incorporated

Increasing production through adhesive thermal conductivity

To meet the challenges of heat limitations restricting corrugator speeds, particularly on heavyweight and multiwall board grades, Ingredion is introducing Coragum® TCE – a novel thermal conductivity enhancer. Through patented nanotechnology, Coragum TCE improves heat penetration through the adhesives, significantly accelerating drying to maximize machine speed.

Advanced Equipment Sales

AES VTECH: Virtual Technical Support and Guided Repairs for Scrap Collection and Baling System

Get virtual technical assistance for your scrap collection system with AES v-TECH, the remote monitoring and assistance program from Advanced Equipment Sales. Live, expert technicians help you troubleshoot, diagnose and repair balers, dust collectors, PLC’s and more without waiting for an in-person service call. Economical and easy to use, AES v-TECH is like tele-medicine for your baler!


Data Unleashed: How Effective Data and Insight Tools Can Improve Your Corrugated Business

Many manufacturers have challenges to understand the dynamics influencing business performance. There are many stakeholders involved in the process which is manual and time consuming. We would like to present users a vision of how EFI technology alleviates these issues with automated reporting, intuitive dashboards and industry developed business intelligence.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Lewisburg Printing Company

LPC Expands into Folding Carton Manufacturing

We provide in-house, value-added services that give large labels, top sheets and folding cartons a prestigious look and feel. LPC finishes include in-line varnishing, UV coating, spot varnishes, foil stamping, laminating, embossing, window patching, and yes, even glitter, for a distinguishable and high tactile effect. Contact us for more information, and we’ll discuss with you how you can enhance your printing project for an optimum aesthetic appeal.

Metsä Board Americas Corporation

Packaging Services and Excellence Centre

Metsä Board’s packaging services and Excellence Centre have been established to help optimize packaging sustainability and converting efficiency, and boost innovation. The services cover a range of solutions, including packaging analysis, design, technical expertise and R&D. Case studies demonstrate how package designs can help improve brand experience and sustainability. 

Mid America Paper Recycling

Waste Audit Report - Growing the Worth of Your Waste & Improving Operations

Mid America Paper Recycling will deliver a thorough and free report through our new Waste Audit Questionnaire. Designed to uncover significant revenues and efficiencies throughout your operation. We will grow the worth of the tons of waste created by wastepaper generators and recommend best practices catered to fit your organization. 

OM Partners

Best Practices in Planning a Responsive Supply Chain

It replaces the groundhog day approach to conventional planning and scheduling utilizing AI and ML to automatically plan the operation (mills and converting) this way the planner only deals with the exceptions, the solution plans the rest. 

Tilia Labs

Intelligent Nesting and Cost Simulation

Tilia Labs is leveraging AI technology and integration partnerships to help convertors estimate faster, plan smarter, and manufacture profitably. Learn to nest and gang short run orders, simulate costs of digital vs conventional printing and cutting, and generate production-ready files for all your equipment. Features industry-first IoT integration with Zund.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Teufelberger Ges.m.b.H


Teufelberger is launching on July 2020 our newest strapping product.
Our TEWE® SoPRIM® is EASY ON THE ENVIRONMENT, EASY TO OPERATE, AND EASY TO HANDLE. TEWE® SoPRIM® is a strap created from a combination of a patented new additive, plus our UVT technology.

The J M FRY Company

Fryflex 2.0: The Next Generation of Commodity GCMI Inks

J. M. Fry Printing Inks is planning the release, in July, 2020, of a new line of commodity (GCMI) inks engineered for today's recycled substrates and high speed machines. New technology specifically addresses the challenges of coverage, color consistency and efficiency.

Lenze Americas

Lenze i950 Servo Inverter - Flexible, Scalable, Compact, Future-proof

The i950 servo inverter is perfect for many Converting applications due to three different modes of operation. It can be freely programmed; or serve as an actuating drive under a CiA402 motion control; or operate by just setting parameters. The i950 is ideal for the Industry’s winding, positioning, and cross-cutting needs.

Two10 Technologies

CorrValues® Solution

Stay connected with your business despite today’s unpredictable mix of work-from-home, in the office, and on the road. With our cutting-edge CorrValues ® solution, your leadership will have deep insights that are always current on every device. Made for the packaging industry, see how leaders like you stay plugged in.

National Steel Rule Co.

New Flex-Score

Flex-Score is an innovative new product that solves many of the most commonly occurring creasing problems. A plastic creasing “cap” that securely snaps onto a laser crease base, Flex-Score allows instant changing of the crease profile, crease height and or, point size, right on press, without affecting knife position. Advantages include: reduced score cracking, improved reverse scoring, increased folder gluer speed and ultra-square folding.